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I’m a mother to an awesome 1 year old boy and wife to an incredibly supportive husband. I enjoy being a part of the church and the opportunities it gives me to serve others. I have been blessed with callings in the primary, which I’ve loved, and have served in callings where I get to use music to bear my testimony. These opportunities have been great experiences for me.

I grew up in Utah County in a very active LDS home. For most of my life I didn’t question that women weren’t given the priesthood. It was just how it was. When I first heard about Ordain Women, I was unsure of where I stood. I went to my Heavenly Parents in prayer and asked to know whether this was a righteous desire. I have been blessed to feel the Spirit so strongly, confirming to me that our Heavenly Parents are indeed “no respecter of persons” (Acts 10:34).

As I contemplate the long history of women using the priesthood authority to bless the lives of those around them, I have no doubt that this pleases Him. I want my son to see and treat women as his true equal. If I have a daughter someday, I don’t want her to feel lesser than men-especially within our church. I want to be able to use priesthood power to lay my hands on my children and on my husband’s heads and bless them. I believe women should be ordained.