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Hi, my name is Chris.

I have been a member all of my life and am currently serving as a primary teacher for the CTR 4 class. I love it and, as one of my sons is now 5 I love being his teacher and sharing my love of the gospel with him. I am also working on a degree in order to become a high school teacher, teaching English, and have a degree in philosophy.

I find it hard to put down into words why I feel that women should be given the priesthood. It is not because it is a difficult thing to get across. It is because it is so simple. It just should be. The priesthood is a blessing, no doubt, and one that should be given to every worthy person within the LDS church. Women within the church should be given the same opportunities as men–same callings, allowed within the same meetings, and given a greater voice. As a strong believer I want to see my church be at the forefront of bringing about equality in all of its facets, to show the world that we follow Jesus’ teachings, that we show love and kindness and that we treat all with respect.

The gospel is changing. It is meant to change and grow as culture and its people change and grow. This is why we have modern-day revelation. I am excited to see this implemented in the near future, which I am certain it will be.

I believe women should be ordained.