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My name is Chris and I live in Virginia. I’ve been a member of the Church for 28 years. Serving has been rewarding and also frustrating. When I was a Relief Society President there were many times I had spiritual confirmations and promptings which turned out to be right but I was restrained from following them, even though I had an excellent relationship and respect for my priesthood leader.

There has always been a box around my stewardship which has kept me from fully magnifying a leadership calling. Reading church history, I discovered that up until about World War I, sisters were allowed to anoint and bless each other. I think that should be restored.

There is a power in sisterhood that can only be understood when we are linked together in service. How many times as a visiting teacher I have longed to call down the powers of heaven and, with my companion, bless a sister in dire need. Instead, it involved the roundabout process of going through “file leaders” to the priesthood, often losing the moment when the spirit was the strongest.

Only when we are fully enfranchised can we truly offer the service to save souls and bring them to Christ.

I believe women should be ordained.