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Hola, me llamo Christian.  I live in South Carolina where I am a professor. I studied at the University of Utah and Penn State. Mormonism is in my DNA going back several generations. I served in the Chile Santiago South Mission and held several callings, mostly as an instructor. I am no longer a practicing Mormon, but I hope for a kinder, gentler, more equal LDS Church for my two children who are active as well as all others who love the Church, but wish for a more egalitarian Mormon community.

Last spring I was driving my eight-year old daughter to Activity Days at the chapel after she was done with her baseball game. Her older brother was already at the ward building for his Boy Scout meeting. We were humming along with the music on the radio and just enjoying a beautiful evening drive when suddenly, my daughter looked to me and asked a question.

“Dad, why do boys get to have Scouts every week and girls only get Activity Days every other week?”

“I don’t know. Why do you think it’s that way?”

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem fair. The boys get to go camping and get uniforms and get to earn badges and everything. And we don’t even get to go every week.”

I asked her what she thought should be done. “I don’t know. Something. You know, so it’s fair.”

I believe that women should be ordained.