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I grew up feeling empowered and loved as a daughter of God. When I got married and went through the temple, I lost my sense of connection to a Heavenly Father as I felt my temple covenants had placed my husband as my intermediary to God. I watched the women in the temple perform certain ordinances, I read stories of my foremothers blessing one another and I felt lost. Where was that power I used to feel deep in my soul? Where was my connection to God?

When my daughter was two, she had a terrible ear infection late at night. My husband was unreachable at work, and I had never met our home teachers. As my daughter cried in pain, I cried with her. Why would God abandon us and leave me without a way to provide comfort? While I knew I could pray for her, I had witnessed beautiful blessings of peace and healing from my own father when I was a girl, and I wanted that for my daughter. But because there was not man in physical proximity to us, we were without the power of God. I wept for my distance from God, and I wept for women everywhere who want to bless their children and loved ones, but cannot.

I believe women are different from men, and women will bring a beautiful perspective to the power of God. I believe women can be priestesses to God, not their husbands, and they will do so with the priesthood. I believe the revelation is incomplete, and I believe that women should be ordained.