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I have been a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a Brit who now lives in the US. I have served as a ward missionary, executive secretary, Sunday School teacher, Sunday School president, and temple worker. I met my beautiful wife in the US and we have two wonderful children.

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I love the knowledge brought to me through the truths that have been restored. I love knowing where I have been and where I have the potential to go. I love knowing that we have a Heavenly Father and Mother. I love having the ability to commune with our Heavenly Parents. I love that the heavens are still open. I love that the Lord reveals truths to us line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept. I love the responsibility placed upon us by our Heavenly Parents to seek out greater wisdom and knowledge. I love knowing that we can receive personal revelation. I love knowing that we do not know all things and many things are yet to be revealed to us. I love knowing that our Savior loves all His sisters and brothers and wants us all to reach our full potential.

During His mortal mission, our Savior showed compassion to women by involving them in His ministry and treating them with great love and respect. Women have played a significant and influential role in my life, both personally and professionally. It is hard to see how women could not bring greater success to the overall mission of the Gospel if they only had greater responsibilities and leadership within the governance structure of the church.

I believe our Heavenly Parents stand side by side as equals in all ways. I believe this is an eternal principle that extends to our life here on the earth. The power of God here on the earth is the priesthood and logically should reside with both women and men. I would like to see absolute gender equality within the church to give my daughter a voice and to provide her with a more inviting and healthy environment.

The foundation of the Gospel is premised on asking. I support the sincere request of Ordain Women, to our leaders, to take the matter of equality and ordination of women to the priesthood to the Lord in prayer. I believe women should be ordained.

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