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I have been a member of the Church all my life but inactive for most of my adult life. It is safe to say that gender inequality was the main reason I was unable to find my home in the Church. If OW existed 25 years ago, things might have worked out differently.

I was taught that women should get a college education so they can teach their children better. This was taught by the Church, not my mother, who always encouraged me academically. But the message was clear that to pursue a career for its own sake was not as valued in God’s eyes as pursuing motherhood. My interests and calling were in another direction. Today I am a veterinarian and own my own business. The ordination of women would result in more freedom for women to pursue whatever direction their personal revelation guides them in.

One of the arguments I’d heard at church is that women don’t need the priesthood because they have full access to the blessings of the priesthood. This is not true. Why shouldn’t a single mother, or any other mother for that matter, not be able to give her sick child a blessing? Who better to do that?

I believe women should be ordained.