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Listen to Danielle’s Narrating Ordain Women interview here:


My memories of childhood are shot through with vivid threads of godly power. My mother, a convert to the church, told my siblings and me stories about our Heavenly family many nights before we went to bed. She told us about the connection we all shared, the plan God had for our return to a celestial home, and the direction and answers we could expect to receive as we acted with faith and open hearts.

To this day, I remember the example she set. I carry the expectation that God will direct me and act with me as I serve in my ward and my community. And though I know that through my faith comes power, authority within my religion is something that has been denied me because I was born a woman. There is great potential yet untapped within Mormonism for each of us, one body in Christ.

I’m a Mormon, and I believe women should be ordained.