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My name is David. I’ve been a part of and participant of the restoration community for 30 years. I’m a student of political science, philosophy and biblical studies. I love reading, rugby and country music.

In Community of Christs’ Doctrine and Covenants, President Wallace B. Smith revealed the Lord’s will for the then Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:

“I [the Lord] have heard the prayers of many, including my servant the prophet, as they have sought to know my will in regard to the question of who shall be called to share the burdens and responsibilities of priesthood in my church. I say to you now, as I have said in the past, that all are called according to the gifts which have been given them. This applies to priesthood as well as to any other aspects of the work. Therefore, do not wonder that some women of the church are being called to priesthood responsibilities. This is in harmony with my will and where these calls are made known to my servants, they may be processed according to administrative procedures and provisions of the law” (D&C 156:9a-c).”

This portion of scripture on the place of women in society, both past and present, have contributed to my developing feminism that began 12 years ago. Within the Mormon women community, I have found endearing love and respect for Margaret Toscano, Janice Allred, Maxine Hanks, Val Avery and Linda King Newell.

I support fully female ecclesiastical authority by divine right and believe in the ordination of my Mormon sisters.