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My name is David. I have been a member in good standing for 43 years. I served a mission, have been in leadership callings most of my adult life, and for the most part the Church has been a great blessing to me. A few years ago I was stationed in Iraq with the military and I saw first-hand the way women were treated by the men of Iraq and it made me ill and ashamed of how some men would act. The woman were afraid to speak up to the men but I saw their braver side when they were watching out for their children. I don’t know if the war was right but I do think that it will help the women of Iraq find their place and their voice. I want the same for my sisters in the Church. I was at times under command of other women service personnel and they were every bit as effective and motivated and proud of their service as any man.

I find OW approach very worthwhile and look forward to having these thoughts, ideas and voices listened to by our current leaders and at all levels. I also have two daughters and five daughters-in-law and a bunch of granddaughters and I want them to know that I stand behind them in their God-given right to be all that he wants them to be. I want to see them feel equal in God’s eyes and it would not take any power or authority away from me if I got to stand in the circle while they blessed their babies.