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I grew up in the Church; it’s my spiritual home. My ancestors converted in 1852 and sailed from Manchester, England, across the Atlantic Ocean to join the pioneers. I feel the weight and honor of that legacy.

I served in the Canada Montreal Mission, where I learned Québécois French and grew to love the people and the poutine (a Canadian dish that consists of french fries topped with gravy and cheese). I currently serve in the Young Women’s program in my ward.

I have two small daughters. About a year ago, one of them leaned over and whispered to me during sacrament meeting, “Mommy, why are only boys passing the sacrament?” I struggled to answer her.

During General Conference, my daughters ask, “Mommy, do any ladies talk?” I am always excited to point out when they do. I was thrilled to show them women praying in the last General Conference.

I fear that my daughters may be internalizing a message of inequality when they attend church. I would love for them to see women and girls blessing and passing the sacrament, mothers blessing their babies, and women sitting on the stand and conducting meetings. I want my girls to realize their vital potential, and that is why I believe women should be ordained.