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My name is Dean. I am a temple recommend holder and joined the church 11 years ago. I am currently a Ph.D. student in the Philosophy of Industrial Organizational Psychology. I am currently building my own company to help organizations in effective transformational leadership, onboarding hiring processing, executive coaching, job requisition and candidate fit analysis, environmental and emotional productivity hindrances in the workplace, and training. I have been a lease analyst and property accountant. I have helped members of my ward with finance and psychology topics.

My husband and I are both in recovery: 23 years for me and 21 for my husband. We have attended the LDS 12-step programs and helped with many members in regards to addiction. My husband is an addiction specialist and completing his education in addiction counseling. We have had opportunities to bring help to those who are afraid to talk about their problems.

I have served as the pianist in my ward for Primary, the Relief Society, and ward choir. I have played for various stake events. I love to play the piano and have taught lessons to LDS and non-LDS children for years.

I have seen first-hand how I believe patriarchy negatively affects women: I do not find my shoulders offensive. I do not find my knees a catalyst to a man’s fall from grace. I do not believe young women should be taught their bodies are the temptation that cause young men to lose their chastity by inducing lust. I believe everyone should be accountable for their own behavior and actions.

I do not believe men should be the only group ordained in the Church. I believe Joseph Smith wanted all to hold the priesthood. I believe the message has been skewed over the years. I believe women should be ordained so they will be equal to men with God without a man needing to be the mediating factor. I do not believe God’s desire is to exclude women from this process. Women are single, single mothers, divorced, divorced mothers, widows, and widowed mothers. I believe they should have every right to bless their children and family as they see fit through God’s grace. Women are capable of any man’s position in the church, and to exclude women feels like a step backward in time. It’s time for change.

I believe women should be ordained.