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I add my name and support to Ordain Women because I value public, respectful, inquiries into the role of women as I grow, struggle, and learn in this, my only mortal life.

As a mother who has talked the ears off my children in teaching them Mormon doctrine, it behooves me (even though late in the game) to find my Heavenly Mother as well my Heavenly Father. I feel compelled to teach my children about Her. Did my Heavenly Mother place her hands upon my head as I was sent forth, from her side, into this wilderness? Did She bless me often? I believe She did. Can I not do the same with my own children as they sojourn? Or are ill? Lost? Hurt? Stricken?

Give me equality and lift me higher, to where I know,with all my heart, that I belong. Since finding and reading the earliest discourses by Joseph Smith as he addressed the sisters of those first Relief Society meetings, I am more certain than ever that the role of women in the priesthood has been unrealized in leadership. The Prophet of the Restoration proclaimed his intent to make of the LDS women a Kingdom of priests. said if they laid hands upon one another for healing and there WAS healing, then that came from God, and “Let all men hold their tongues.” I feel within my soul that women ministering to women is divine. I add my voice in pleadimg with leadership “Please inquire of The Lord.” “Inquire of God as to our holding and wielding priesthood power in this life.”

I believe women should be ordained.