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My name is Denise Moss, I have been a member of the LDS church all my life. I am just an average woman in Utah. I work full time and have average hobbies. I am married and have two children: a daughter that has left the church and a son with a religious conviction that I admire so much.

I was raised in the church by a devout mother and an unbelieving abusive father. I have always had conflicting emotions about the church but I always wanted to believe. I admire people that can believe unconditionally. I wish I was one of them.

The fact that women can’t hold the priesthood is how the door is opened to inequality in the church. We can’t hold the priesthood. We can also only to be sealed to one man, even if our husband dies. But a man can be sealed to many women. If his wife dies he is free to marry and be sealed to another woman.
If a husband is not worthy then there is no priesthood in the home no matter how devout the wife is.

Women are just as diverse as men with different needs and convictions and callings. If the church would give the priesthood to the devoted women that have earned and desire it, it would mean that the church finally saw half its members as equal and as important in their callings as men.

I believe women should be ordained.