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I’m an art student currently fulfilling my dream of living in France. I am the middle child among five sisters and one brother. I was born and raised Latter-day Saint in Davis County, Utah. The Church has always been an important part of my life and a sort of extended family. I was very active in Young Women’s, serving as president of the Beehives, Mia Maid, and Laurel classes. I also served in my YSA ward as a compassionate service committee member. I love my Heavenly Parents and my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the peace that the atonement and the gospel brings.

People often tell me women who want the priesthood are power hungry, that the priesthood is just another responsibility. The priesthood is the sacred power of God with the capacity to bless the lives of others. We don’t want superiority, we want equality and I know I’m not alone in wanting a broader capacity to serve.

I want my mother to give me a blessing when I’m sick because she is always there striving to make me feel better. I want my little sister, a Beehive, to help pass the sacrament because she has a reverence and the sweet spirit of an angel. I want my 19 year old sister to be a zone leader in her mission because I have seen her work miracles.

Imagine the potential of the women you know and love.

I believe that women should be ordained.