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Hi, my name is Didi. I also go by Deeds, Didi bugs, Deeders, Diddee Kong, MoFem Prom Queen, Meredith and too many more to list.

I am as Mormon as they come– from pioneer blood on both sides. I was married in the Newport Beach Temple at 21 to my returned missionary who I met in my BYU freshman ward and wrote to on his mission. I would name seminary as my favorite class in high school. I’ve never had a sip of coffee in my life. I currently work for LDS Family Services, and was recently released as a Relief Society president at 24 years old. My favorite snacks are those cinnamon chocolate bears from the BYU campus, and I just found out you can have them mailed to your house. (I live all the way in Chicago.)

I believe that women should have the priesthood because I just feel it in my bones that we should. I could give a long list of intellectual reasons why women should have the priesthood but, at the end of the day, the most important way that I receive true and good information is through the Spirit. We are each entitled to our own spiritual power of receiving revelation and I am grateful for how empowered we are as children of The Divine to know when something is good and right.

The story of Joseph Smith having a question and asking God to find the truth has always resonated with me. He was pretty radical for his time and I am ok with being radical for my time. It is a story I have modeled my life after. I have always been a truth seeker and someone who understands that the truest form of Zion will be a place where all humanity is in harmony and sees each other in equal authority and love. I hope that we are able to create a community more like Zion. Whether or not you feel that women should have the priesthood, I hope that we can have a dialogue about it, learn from each other, and bear each others burdens the way we each covenanted to do when we joined this church.

I am Didi. I love chocolate cinnamon bears, I loved being Relief Society president, I am a social worker, I am married to the missionary of my dreams, I have a testimony of the Savior and His divine love, and I believe women should be ordained!