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I’m an 18 year old college student living in Arizona. I love to dance, bake vegan desserts, read, and ride my bike.

I’ve been a member my entire life, and the fact that women are denied the priesthood has always seemed strange to me. When non-member friends asked me to explain the reason behind this, I repeated the things I was taught in church. “Men have the power of the priesthood, but women have the power of having children”, “Women don’t need the priesthood like men do because we’re inherently more spiritual”. But even when I said those things myself, they, for some reason, just didn’t sound right. I always thought that I was alone in feeling that women should be ordained, so I kept my thoughts to myself. Now that I know that there are so many people who believe the same things I do that are actively trying to make a change, I’m not afraid to say that I believe women should be ordained.

God loves all his children equally, and there is no reason to place one gender above the other. I believe that when women are allowed to hold the priesthood and are given more opportunities to lead and to serve, great things will happen in this church. I believe women should be ordained.