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My name is Douglas. For twenty years, all told, I have taught Gospel Doctrine. I have also been an Elders’ Quorum President and a High Priest Group Leader. I also have been a veil worker in the Oakland Temple.

I would like to see women ordained to the Priesthood because I am sure the Priesthood would be a better, more effective force for having done it. The groundwork for the ordination of women can be found in the New Testament, but also in the writings of James Talmage and others. There are many passages of scripture and the early writings of Mormon leaders, especially writings about the temple endowment, that provide the texts to be prayed over.

There is nothing traditionally masculine about the Priesthood. Indeed, if you read the list of virtues the qualify men for the Priesthood in the Doctrine and Covenants, the majority of them have been traditionally associated with women. That being the case, it follows that the ordination of women would increase the virtue of the priesthood in the church. It would also help men in the church to see themselves in a humbler, more Christ-like light.

It needs to be remembered that the responsibility of the priesthood is not only to represent God to his children, but to also advocate for and represent his children to God. This is an aspect of priesthood that is repeatedly overlooked and it would not be if women were ordained.

I would love to see my daughters and my granddaughters blessing their children with priesthood power. I think it is demeaning for them to have to wait for a man. I would like to see women missionaries baptizing those they have taught, passing on the Holy Spirit through the ministry of their own hands.

I think women should be ordained to the Priesthood.