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About Me

I was born to a Mormon family in Idaho and grew up in Utah.  I served a mission in Paraguay and sang with the Mormon Youth Chorus. I currently work as a government attorney and love classical music, poetry, and meditation.  I am a Primary chorister and enjoy teaching kids about music.

Why I Returned To The Mormon Church

I left the Mormon church 13 years ago, but I returned last year.  Nowhere else did I find so clearly taught the idea of eternal progression, that our capacity for growth is truly unlimited.  I love the opportunities Mormon congregations provide for members to develop their abilities through service.

Equality Before God

Mormon leaders teach that women and men are equal in the sight of God.  But the church’s structure—in which the most visible and revered leaders are all men—sends a constant, powerful message that God speaks through, associates with, and values men more than women.

Why Women Should Be Ordained

The Mormon church hinders its members’ eternal progression by failing to develop the leadership capacity of half the church, while leaving in place social cues that damage women’s and girls’ self-esteem.  Conversely, the church will become much stronger if women are allowed to use the priesthood to serve, lead, and bless.

Our Heavenly Parents—who look on the heart rather than the outer appearance—await the inclusion of Their daughters in the mighty priesthood of God!