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I’m a mother, wife, Trekkie, gamer, sports fan, website programmer and Girl Scout co-leader. I converted to the LDS Church when I was 16 and was baptized at 18, and I have been faithful ever since. I’ve served as a Sunday School teacher, Primary teacher, ward dinner coordinator and sacrament meeting coordinator. I graduated from BYU and married my best friend in the Denver temple eleven years ago. We now have four beautiful children.

I feel like I’ve been dealt a hand of aces as far as my status in the Church goes, but it has pained me to see how friends and acquaintances have struggled. The more I heard, the more I observed, the more I felt like the pat answers we’ve been given regarding the issue of women in the Church simply do not add up.

I believe in Galatians 3:28 – we are all one in Christ Jesus. I do not believe God esteems His sons over His daughters. I do not believe He wants His missionaries to pass a searching woman by in search of a man to fill a priesthood calling. I do not believe He wants women’s voices to be an afterthought, but a central thread in decision-making on both the local and global levels. I do not believe that He appreciates His daughters being marginalized. For these reasons and many more, I believe women should be ordained.