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I am a recent graduate of BYU-Hawaii with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and am a certified mediator. My spare time is currently filled with studying to enter graduate school, being nose deep in a good book and hanging out with my amazing friends.

I am part of a first generation family that joined when I was about 3. Mormonism has always been a fundamental part of me; and now that I am an adult, I stay because I choose to. I have served as a Primary and Relief Society teacher.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Priesthood has been its history of expansion. Only a gift from our lovely Heavenly Father does not diminish as it is dispersed. And just as in Acts 10 as well as in 1978, the Lord broke tradition and expanded the Kingdom. Why, then, do some act as if this pattern will not continue? Perhaps it will not; but it is neither your nor my place to dictate that.

As a member of this church I have learned that I have come to Earth so that I may grow. I am to act, not be acted upon. I am to strive to become an equal with my God; not remain a child. I am to use the promptings of the Holy Ghost to help me navigate this life. Ordain Women has been where these teachings have brought me. Without the Priesthood, I can only be blessed by its power but I can not bless. I have access to all the ordinances needed to return to my God, but I can not give them to others. I can serve my God in some capacities, but I can not serve in all. My God wishes to share His power and glory with us. Is not part of God’s glory the holy Priesthood? I feel my Savior’s love as I envision a world where female ordination is possible. So here I am, doing what is right and letting the consequence follow.

I believe women should be ordained.