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Although I am not LDS and have never been, I believe that every gender is equally capable: both within the LDS Church and throughout the world. I believe the fabric of human diversity is something to be embraced, not feared.

Fathers are just as important as mothers; so are people without children. When an individual or minority group is not represented in every aspect of decision-making (including every office of the LDS General Authorities), when their votes and voices are not counted, heard, nor weighed equally, then their needs will never be recognized and met.

Often, so much of a person’s world is their church community, and I think all would agree that this is rarely more true than for the LDS. Gender inequality effects everyone negatively; it is extremely damaging, no matter where it exists.

I stand behind Ordain Women because, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

I am a musician, I obsessively love my husband and children, and I am a very imperfect person who tries to be good for goodness’ sake. I am fascinated and invigorated by life and by our journeys to be kind to one another and to reduce suffering.

I believe women should be ordained.