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Hi, I’m Emerald.

I am an only child, a graduate student, and a health promotion scientist. I was raised in an area where there were a lot of LDS members, and someone who is very close to me is a member. I have always been interested in the Church, and in recent years I have become extremely interested in the Church’s doctrine and in the Ordain Women project.

From my limited knowledge of the Church’s doctrine and history, I do not see valid reasons for the current gender discrimination in regards to obtaining priesthood keys. It has been said by many: there are many priesthood tasks completed by women, simply under a different name. There are indeed inconsistencies regarding gender roles in the LDS Church, and I have a lot of faith that the Church can address those inconsistencies someday. Mormonism is such a dynamic, interesting, and intelligent religious movement with an open canon which is capable of so much progression.

I think that it is impressive and inspiring that women in the LDS Church are fighting for this. That instead of leaving their Church (no shame to those who have) with anger and hopelessness, they know that ordaining women is possible. They have read the scriptures, they’ve prayed, they’re faithful, they’ve consulted their family members and loved ones. They have done their homework and it’s time to really listen to them.

In favor of advancing the [halted] restoration, I believe that women should be ordained.