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I am fortunate to stay home with my three children and serve as a Cubmaster in my Stake. I love teaching the piano, running with friends, and cooking.

After graduating from college, I applied to Divinity Schools. It was an unconventional choice. As a theology student who felt called to ministry, I was often asked why I didn’t leave Mormonism and join a denomination that would ordain me. But, I love my church and the Gospel. The Church’s doctrine and scriptural interpretations speak to my soul. I think having a lay clergy is divinely inspired as are my church leaders who devote countless hours to serving others.

Most days, I have accepted that I may not be ordained as a Mormon in this lifetime, but some days, my heart aches. I know that my God loves His daughters and trusts us to act in His name. Why doesn’t my church?

I am a Mormon, and I believe that women should be ordained.