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My name is Erin. I am more or less a stay-at-home mom, or a work-from-home mom. I have a degree in visual art, but I am super passionate about art in all it’s forms (theater, music, literature, food!). I love seeing the human spirit come to life in individual creation. I have been many times a Primary teacher, served as a 1st Counselor to the Relief Society, taught youth, and helped head up a new ward missionary effort being piloted in my area among other service. Currently I get to hang out with girls 8-12 years old in Activity Days. I love the doctrine of the Mormon Church.

As a life-long member I have pondered on gender inequality in the Church since I was 12 years old and entered the Young Women’s program. I always wondered why my role was different from my brothers, and also, why my church discipline was different. I’ve never been comfortable with the status quo. I found OW and loved it, but didn’t initially join because I felt there were a lot of little steps to take to get people (including myself) prepared to even think so progressively, but the conversation is rolling now and I want to proudly be a part of OW. I know that Heavenly Father has created us equal, male and female, and that our powers will someday (hopefully on this earth) be equal as well. I believe that this fight is our generation’s challenge to rise up and become a better institution. I believe women should be ordained.