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I’m a single mother of two kids, I love listening to live music, and I wish I could be a professional tap dancer! I’m also a lifelong member of the Church whose great- great- great-grandmothers crossed the plains as pioneers. In my four decades of church membership, I’ve never had a calling I haven’t enjoyed! I’ve served as Primary and Young Women’s president, primary chorister, choir director, Activity Days leader, and stake cultural arts specialist. I even played the lead role in my ward’s “My Turn on Earth” roadshow back when I was a Laurel.

Perhaps my favorite calling, however, was teaching Gospel Doctrine for 3 years – starting with the D&C, then the Old Testament, and ending with the New Testament. It was an interesting order of study, and I easily spent 6 hours a week reading and preparing for lessons. During the Old Testament year, I learned a great deal about the law of Moses, including its rules and guidelines and traditions. This understanding made Peter’s revelation (found in the book of Acts in the New Testament) that the gospel should be taken to all people, both Jew and gentile, even more poignant. Peter’s revelation changed everything! It also caused great disputes and made many believers uncomfortable. Some people disagreed about whether new convert Christians had to be circumcised per the law of Moses (basically converting to Judaism first), for example, or if they could simply accept Jesus’ teachings and become disciples.

This Bible story made clear to me that the gospel is full of surprises and that the good news of Jesus is a message of inclusion! If God could command Peter in a dream to eat the animals that had previously been forbidden, why then, God can do anything, provided his followers are ready to listen. When I read the scriptures, whether Samuel’s earnest “Here am I, Lord” or Joseph Smith’s sincere prayer to know which church to join, I see example after example of people who wanted to do and be more, even when the ‘more’ was unfamiliar. I am excited to be a member of the Church at a time when people are ready to listen for more. I think it will make all the difference.

I believe women should be ordained.