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I am EteU–a LDS Priesthood Holder and Temple Recommend carrying Latter-day Saint.

I am of African, Native American, and European descent. I was a victim of the priesthood ban. I was one of the first people who received the Priesthood in 1978. I feel the church should invite women affected by the ban too (because they were restricted from the temple) to return to the church. It saddens me that most of the people who were upset with the church still carry that burden. Our goal and desire is to bring people back into the church and reflect full acceptance for ALL!

I was taught to accept that black people were descendants of Cain and that my brown skin is a punishment for being less valiant in the pre-existence, so I was a two time loser for eternity. As a child I was told not to play with white girls because my brown skin would curse them. I came from a mixed-race family. My mother was treated like a leper.

In my home, I hope the woman in my life will use her God-given divinity and power to act in the name of Jesus Christ. I hope she will nurture her priesthood in all matters of power and authority before my Savior and in my community.

My past and being subjugated because of my skin color make me want to stand up for full equality for women. I believe women are 100% equal to men in all things, including the ability to use priesthood power. There is a higher law at work in this matter. I don’t feel these factors are a problem in the millennium, or with God.

I love my church and I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe women should be ordained.