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My experience with women’s ordination began in the mid 90’s on a busy road at night while I was waiting for the bus after having finished up with my clients. There was a church behind me and I noticed that the minister was a woman. It was then that I felt the prompting that my clinical psychology degree was only part of what I would need in my life. I needed the priesthood.

I am Gail and an active, born-in-the-Church, multi-generation member. I am a psychotherapist. I presently live in The Netherlands. I am both visually and hearing impaired.

When Ordain Women first launched I was curious. I wanted to see who and what they were. I felt that it wasn’t being done right. It wasn’t that I was against ordaining women I am very much for doing so. I wasn’t converted to posting.

Recently I woke up with a teeny tiny toothache: the kind that tells you to get to the dentist. By 6pm that evening the pain had intensified and by 10 the pain was at a 10 on the normal 1-10 scale.

This was beyond easy to deal with on my own and all I could do was either let tears out or let a gentle scream out. I wanted to rip into my mouth and yank the offending tooth out.

I didn’t know how or if I would sleep. I just knew I was in pain and suffering. So my husband gave me a simple blessing.

Earlier that day, while the pain was still dull, I had viewed the latest Ordain Women post. I was touched and moved to say in my heart this is right. It left me with the most peaceful feeling.

Then as I lay there in bed begging for comfort from the pain something happened. I heard women’s voices telling me they were “here” and that they would hold me. It was the one time until that Saturday night that I felt at peace.

I knew somehow that these women held the priesthood and they were there for me because I couldn’t control what was happening. I don’t know how long they stayed but I calmed down, and morning finally came.

With the healing process underway I am able to more fully consider what happened that Tuesday night. I ask myself if my brain made me have that experience. I’ve had pain before and have not had anything like this ever happen. I’ve decided that women came because, like good sisters, they heard my pain and knew that I was in great need: just what sisters should do for a sister in need.

I choose to believe in this experience and share it because I have been deeply touched and moved as well as humbled by it.

I believe that women have a power to bless and minister to others and I hope we will receive revelation in this direction.