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I’m a BYU graduate. I have a wonderful husband. I’m an attorney. I love God with all my heart, and I’ve been very blessed by the LDS church. And I support the ordination of women.

About Me:

I grew up in Oregon, the oldest of 5 children. I’ve always been a voracious reader and see no signs of slowing down. I love to sing; my favorite part of church is singing the hymns and being filled with joy. In 2008 my wonderful husband and I were married in the Portland Temple. We then headed off to Washington, DC where he supported me in achieving my goal of completing law school and working toward a profession where I can not only serve my family but can also work to defend and improve the lives of others. Now we’re in Oklahoma where I’m supporting him as he pursues his academic dreams. We look forward to continuing to support each other in pursuing our dreams, including our dream of raising amazing children.

Why I’m a Mormon:

I’m a Mormon because this is my home. This is where I first felt the spirit; this is where I learned to pray and to ponder on the spirit. I’ve been blessed immensely through my participation in the church.

When I was a child, my family fell upon some hard times, and we knew that Christmas that year would be slim. One night we heard a knock at the door and found a large box full of food and presents from our ward family. Part of this box of Christmas cheer were large knit blankets, one for each member of the family. They were hand knit and it must have taken hundreds of hours to complete all of them. It was a selfless labor of love done anonymously by one of the women in our ward. I’m Mormon because the best of Mormonism, the Christlike heart and soul of our religion, is pretty wonderful.

Why I Think Mormon Women Should have the Priesthood:

I think Mormon women should be ordained to the Priesthood because I know that is what our Heavenly Parents want. When I study the Scriptures, when I pray and feel the spirit, I have found time and time again a God who knows and loves all of his children. I have a strong testimony that, as a daughter of God, I am second class in nothing, I have unlimited potential for good. And part of that potential is serving all of God’s children with the holy power of priesthood, alongside my brothers. I’ve seen the wonderful work that women can do, but I’ve also seen how our potential for good is limited.

It’s unfortunate that we live in a fallen world, where we haven’t been able to quite live up to the full potential of what God has for us. But I believe that not only can we build Zion on Earth, but it is our responsibility to do so. Part of that responsibility is breaking the chains that bind down men and women and keep us from working together as fully as we were always meant to. I believe that side by side we can work together as full and equal partners to create something incredible, just as our Heavenly Parents do.