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I am an active Mormon podcaster for Infants on Thrones — which means that I actively podcast, not that I am actively Mormon.  I am, however, what Jan Shipps refers to as a DNA Mormon.  Each of my great-grandparents were born into the church and not a single day goes by that I do not reflect in one way or another upon my mormon upbringing and its remarkable influence on my life (which means that I have many remarks about it).


I have one son and four daughters and have chosen to not raise any of them in the Church.  I cannot in good conscience put them in an environment where my daughters are institutionally marginalized and taught to believe that this is perfectly OK — or worse, that it is exactly what God wants.   I will choose the right, and this inequality is not right.


I believe that faithful LDS women who hunger and thirst after righteousness should be ordained.  That is the path to equal voice and leadership in the LDS church.  Besides– duh — it’s 2014 already — women should be provided equal opportunity and voice.  Or at the very least, institutionally respected.