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I’m a Mormon convert. I was raised in a small, conservative town in Texas and now I attend BYU as an English and PR major. Last year, my husband and I were married in the Houston Texas Temple. I have served as an Institute council leader and ward missionary. I’m particularly fond of reading and blogging, and I like to use my charismatic and understanding outlook  to appreciate people from all backgrounds.
When I learned of the Ordain Women movement, I supported but didn’t advocate the idea myself. Throughout the past year, I have come to realize that it is a promised blessing to women that we can,and will, someday use and have the priesthood authority. Women have used it in the past, and I believe we will have it in the eternities as well.I hope that equality between genders in the Church can become better amplified through the opening of more callings and leadership positions so that one day my children will have a more varied and equal Church leadership. I love my faith and I want the Church to make room for all of us. I believe women should be ordained.