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Hi, I’m Han. I am from New York and converted to the LDS Church when I was a teenager. I am from a fairly large family and am my parents’ youngest child. In my spare time I enjoy reading, listening to music, and most of all laughing.

I have always felt a connection to God but never knew how to reconcile the “made in His image” portion of that. I began to believe that women were second class because we were not worthy of proper representation in the Church here on earth, or in the afterlife. I believe this is untrue now, and I strongly believe we have a Heavenly Mother and I feel I am created in Her image as well.

That experience wasn’t the end of my journey though: there was still no viable representation of women within the Church hierarchy that I could connect with. I was being forced tightly into a specific mold that did not fit my strengths, talents, and desires. This was true for many women.

Biology doesn’t determine one’s willingness and ability to serve God and their fellow brothers and sisters. There are many women that feel called to the priesthood and would do a fine job of representing the power of God here on earth. I have prayed for guidance on this subject, and have received my answer. My place is at the door, knocking for further light and knowledge. For these reasons and more, I believe women should be ordained.