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I’m Hannah, and I am a BYU student. I love reading, hiking, gardening, running, watching movies, and sewing. I have been a member all of my life and have served in various callings as a choir pianist, organist, Relief Society instructor, and co-chair of my ward’s Service and Fellowship Committee. I am so grateful for my relationship with God and Christ, and I am so grateful for the gospel and for the person that it has allowed me to become.

If it is God’s will that priesthood is just not meant to be a feminine power, then I would support that, but I feel that we haven’t had a lot of clear revelation on what women’s relationship to priesthood is or why our current system is the way it is.

If gender is essential to our personhood (and if male destiny alone is tied with priesthood), where is women’s pattern to follow? What would our Heavenly Mother do and how would She live her life? I think that the dialogue Ordain Women is creating is addressing a lot of very important questions many members in the church are having right now about God’s plan for us and about what it really means to be a woman, questions that could help us as a church change practices and polices to better fit our doctrine—that men and women are equal.

I think we as women need to know a great deal more about our divine nature and destiny. I also think we need to be provided with an environment in the Church that would allow us to fully contribute our talents and skills. I think that it just makes sense, and has always made sense to me, that women should have the priesthood, especially because priesthood is only meant to serve and build up the kingdom of God—if that power was extended to women, what more wonderful things could we as women contribute and we as a church accomplish?

I support the questions and dialogue that Ordain Women is creating. I believe women should be ordained.