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I’m a lifelong Mormon, daughter, sister, wife, and mom of three kids who sometimes drive me nuts despite being genuinely awesome.  I love my career as an education professor and have put my teaching talents to good use as ward choir director, visiting teacher, Primary teacher, ward organist and conductor, and various positions in YW presidencies and Primary presidencies.  My absolute favorite calling is Primary chorister.

I believe women should be ordained because of the shocked look in my daughters’ eyes as they recently watched altar girls at a local Methodist church walk down the aisle—official participants of the service—and light the Christmas Eve candles in the chapel.   I believe women should be ordained because after my 12 year old daughter once took the sacrament from a male peer, she sighed and whispered this defeated plea into my ear, “But he was doing arm pit farts and standing on his head during Sunday School last week . . .”  I believe women should be ordained because when my children ask me why girls and women in our church don’t have the priesthood, I have no good answer for them.

Mormonism is the spiritual home in which I first learned to experience god.  I long for the church to become a place wherein I and my daughters can live up our divine potential as daughters of heavenly parents who love us.  We are ready and willing to administer and lead in church callings and ordinances.

I’m a Mormon, and I believe women should be ordained.

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