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I love the earth, gardening, and biking. I’m a fan of Dr. Who, cherry pie, and high fives. My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years and we have three children. I’m a stay at home parent and I love to knit.

About Me:

Both of my parents joined the church in their teens and met in Institute. I was baptized at 8, got my Young Womanhood Recognition, and I was so excited to join Relief Society that I started going when I turned 18, even though I was still in high school. I’ve held many callings from Relief Society instructor to Primary and Nursery and every piano calling you can imagine. I’m currently on my ward’s activities committee.

Why I think Mormon women should be ordained:

Women’s ordination matters to me because I have felt the results of its lack in my life. When my husband and I were first married, we had many big decisions to make: where to go for school, jobs, when to have children, how many, etc. There were times when we would both pray about a big question to find that we received two different answers. I remember doubting my answers and thinking, “He has given blessings to me and many other people and I know God speaks to him. Maybe he knows better what the Spirit feels like and my answer was wrong. Or maybe God prefers talking to him instead of me.” Despite more prayer and scripture study, I doubted my ability to listen to the Spirit. While none of our resulting decisions were “wrong,” I regret not trusting myself and opening myself up to perhaps better answers to our questions. The current lack of ordination for women means that women do not get the same opportunities to tune themselves to the Spirit. Learning to bless and comfort through priesthood blessings is a beautiful, physical way to bless God’s children and receive inspiration by the Spirit. It would strengthen individuals, families, and the Church, if the priesthood were extended to all.

I’m a Mormon and I believe in and hope for the ordination of women.