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I am Mormon because I was born Mormon and because I devoted the first 26 years of my life to living as a Mormon.  I have devoted the entirety of my to life to understanding how being raised Mormon shaped the person I am now.

LDS women have every right to the priesthood. There is no valid reason for denying it to them. Moreover, LDS women need the priesthood to recognize their full potential as children of Heavenly Parents.  Leading, deciding and governing are divine activities; women need practice in these skills possessed and utilized by their Heavenly Parents.

But it is also important to the Church itself to ordain women.  Any institution that discriminates among God’s children will fail in its goal of helping our Heavenly Parents bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of humanity.

Until the Church ordains women, it will remain intellectually incoherent, ethically inferior and spiritually immature.

I believe women should be ordained.