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Hello, my name is Izro. I was not born into the Church, my parents are actually of two separate faiths. I am a certified minister (Reverend) and I support the ordination of women to the priesthood. I attend church every Sunday, I try to keep the Sundays I have to miss to a minimum.

I have seen many quotes from Brigham Young and Sidney Rigdon regarding this topic and I feel as if it is necessary today. As a convert to the Church, I have somewhat of an idea of what it feels like not to have the priesthood and to be excluded from something that I greatly desire. Aside from some of my personal feelings, I have done as Joseph Smith did and I asked of God. I felt that now we are able to have women hold the priesthood. I am happy to know that we have progressed from not letting women attend the priesthood session of conference to now allowing them to attend.

In my days, I have seen a lot of single mothers convert to the Church and many women who have lost their husbands, instead of having a male who these families are not close to perform all of these sacred ordinances, I feel that the mother who knows her children best should perform these ordinances. My parents not being members has held me back from baptism until the age of 18, I often face what I call “non-member discrimination” and I understand what it feels like to be called out on things that I had no control over. I do not ever want someone to feel as I have.

I believe women should be ordained.