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Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m a husband and father. I’m a lifelong member of the Church and a returned missionary. I’ve served in a bishopric when my wife and I were in a married-student ward. I’ve also served as a clerk, in the primary, in an elders quorum presidency, and now in a young men presidency.

Enduring to the end means more than maintaining the status quo of our lives since our conversion. To me, it means continually offering to God our sacrifice of a broken heart. A heart broken like the tilled earth, ready to receive the seeds of God’s word divinely planted there. It means continually undergoing changes as big and significant as our original conversion. This is a lifelong process for all of us; one that is needed by both the Church as a whole and its leaders, as demonstrated by Jesus telling Peter to–when himself converted–strengthen his brethren.

My conscience tells me that the ordination of women is simply the right thing to do. When we as a Church ordain women, the idea’s unfamiliarity will be a scary step for many, including me. My daughter says that it would be “awkward.” Since I’ve made a covenant to stand for the truth that God has given me, I declare publicly my willingness to take this scary, awkward, but good and correct step. I believe that women should be ordained.