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I am a historian. I study and teach about the American West, and especially enjoy teaching about the impact of Mormon settlement on the history of our nation. I was married in the Los Angeles temple to a returned missionary and am a mother to two teenagers.

Why I think Mormon women should have the priesthood:

I was born in the covenant to parents who have ancestry going back to the founding days of the church. I find great pride in knowing that some of my male ancestors were apostles and some of my female ancestors were members of the earliest Relief Societies. What I read in the history of the church, in the scriptures, and what I feel when I pray, is that Heavenly Father loves his daughters as much as his sons – just like I love my daughter as much as my son. As such, I feel that Heavenly Father desires for his daughters to have the same opportunities for service and for growth as he does his sons. I am Mormon, and I believe women should be ordained.