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I’m named after Jared in The Book of Mormon. I am incredibly blessed to be born into a loving LDS family. Church, family home evening, scripture study, blessings, singing primary songs, scout camps, cheesy Book of Mormon cartoons, mutual, dating after 16, graduating from seminary and institute, serving an LDS mission, being married in an LDS temple and holding many callings have all been a critical part of my life for which I am very grateful.

However the last few years the LDS Church and I have had a slightly more rocky relationship. The primary reasons for this are the very things I was taught growing up. Jesus is my ultimate exemplar with his compassion, love and teachings. I look around the world and see so much suffering and division physically, emotionally and spiritually. God weeps to see it. Yet even within the LDS Church and other religious institutions there is heartache and division.

My loving and peacemaking mom, my sweet sister who has no guile, and my beloved best friend, partner and incredibly big-hearted wife all are spiritual giants. They are daughters of our Heavenly Mother and Father whose leadership, wisdom and love the LDS Church desperately need. Too often, though, their efforts and potential are minimized compared to that of their male counterparts.

I believe women should be ordained.