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I am an active Mormon; I served a mission in France and have had a number of different callings over the years, most recently teaching Primary. I have a law degree and practiced for several years as a public defender before going back to school, where I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy.

I believe women should be ordained to the priesthood for two main reasons. First, I have found no compelling argument to the contrary. Arguments against female ordination generally bottom out in, “Because the Prophet says so,” or “Because men and women are different.” For me, these are insufficient.

Church leaders do many great things, and they are stalwart witnesses of the divinity of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, as human beings, they are also capable of error. We have seen time and again the Church change its position on matters such as polygamy, black men holding the priesthood, evolution, interracial marriage, homosexuality, and so on. These have been welcome changes and sure signs of the progression of the Church and its membership. I see no reason to think that the ban on women holding the priesthood is any different.

Moreover, just as men are slowly learning in the Church that it is permissible and important for them to be nurturers and caregivers for their children, so women are slowly taking on more positions of leadership and authority. I am confident that this trend, though at times agonizingly slow, will ultimately culminate in the ordination of women.

The second reason I believe women ought to be ordained is that I have two daughters. It is important to me to be able to look my girls in the eye and tell them that they are every bit as important as their brother and will have the same opportunities as he will. I wish that were true in the Church as well as in other areas, such as education and occupation. I want to be able to tell them that they will have the opportunity to use the priesthood to serve and bless other people—including, but not limited to, their own children.

I believe women should be ordained.