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Hi, I’m Jason. I was raised in the Church and developed a testimony in my teenage years. I served a mission in Alaska and gained appreciation for the Sisters who came out and served selflessly and who were so dynamic in building relationships with those around them. I work in the technology field as a software engineer and program manager, love to read, and work as a researcher in the Air Force. I serve in our ward as a counselor in the Bishopric, and have gained a testimony for myself of the power and force that women can be for good causes when they are enabled and empowered, and especially, supported by all those around them, both men and women.

I believe women are equal to men in their leadership capabilities, testimony, personal worthiness, charity, and trustworthiness. They have the same spiritual capacity to receive revelation from God both personally and in whatever callings they hold. I believe it is a core doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that women will receive and be ordained to the priesthood.

I believe men and women should not be judged for leadership by their gender, but by the content of their character, with divine power imparted to each of us according to our individual strengths, willingness to contribute, and by the will of God. I am looking forward to the day when we seek to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ deliberately each day, with real intent, with a contrite spirit, and without the fear, tradition-based habits, conformity-based shaming, and patriarchal elitist attitudes that can contribute to spiritually damaging countless numbers of our spiritual brothers, sisters, and families.

The gospel of Jesus Christ that I know and love would be amplified by a greater sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, godliness, and equality when women become ordained to the priesthood. I believe women should be ordained.