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Hello, I’m Jason. I’m a husband, father, hiker, history buff, engineer, and of course a mormon. My mormon roots date back to the Colesville Saints. My mormon heritage includes generations of faithful missionaries and utah pioneers; it also includes prohibition-era moonshiners and one who allegedly punched Brother Brigham. I’m proud of my heritage.

My mormon curriculum vitae is like most others you see on sunday: missionary, BYU graduate, temple marriage, home teacher, tither, scripture studier, church cleaner. I’m a worker bee.

Recently, I volunteered to be a certified lifeguard at the Young Women’s Camp my daughter was attending. I, with two great men from the Stake, volunteered the previous year and had a great time sharing my talent and skills at the waterfront. In response to my offer, the new camp director informed me–without explanation–that men were no longer allowed to be lifeguards at camp. It seemed irrational to me to refuse the free donation of talent and skills from capable people because of their sex.As my son carries a tray containing emblems of Christ from pew to pew each Sunday, I wonder why my faithful daughter is prohibited from doing the same. When I see an elders’ quorum president placing his hands on a newly-called instructor to set him apart, I wonder why my loving wife is incapable of doing the same as a Relief Society president. I read of prophetesses and deaconesses in the scriptures. I read of strong, influential women in the church like Rebecca and Esther and wonder what prevents the these roles in today’s church. I believe women should be ordained.