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Hi, I’m Jed.

I believe that female ordination would bless both women and men, and give the Church much more power to effectively administer to its members. There is no advantage to limiting ordination to men only. Through several years of church service it has become clear to me that the more directly women are involved in Christian service, the more powerful that service becomes. This is not because of some inherent superiority that one sex has over the other; it is because the two genders have such potential to complement and strengthen each others’ efforts. We belong together.

I grew up in the Church, and have been active my whole life. During the last 15 years I have studied and worked as a scientist, interacting with people from many different walks of life and learning about what makes the universe tick. Working next to a Chinese woman in a chemical hood, or learning from an Iranian man at a scientific conference has shown me that when we look beyond our petty fiefdoms to see each other face-to-face we can accomplish great things. We have nothing to fear from those who think differently than us. In fact, simply listening to each others’ differing ideas with patience and empathy can bring us closer together and make us much more effective people.

Women often have perspectives that men do not, and men often have perspectives that women do not. The mixing of these perspectives, possible only through equal authority and a balanced power structure, is the best way to serve together, and Christ’s Church should have the fruits of the best service. I believe women should be ordained.