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Hi, I’m Jeff. I was raised in the church, served a mission, went to BYU, and was married in the temple.

My church experience has taught me to have faith in a God who knows and understands us each in a very personal and intimate way and who loves us completely. That love is a source of strength and comfort in my life. I believe God’s greatest hope for us is that we can learn to love each other the way that he loves us.

I believe we each have unique gifts and talents as well as struggles. As a church, I would like to see us be more inclusive and accepting of each other. I believe we need the spiritual, administrative and leadership talents of both men and women to build a strong faith community and to help us serve those not of our faith.

I have always found great hope in Joseph Smith’s description of the sealing power as a welding link that binds together individuals and families across generations. The ordinances we perform – blessings, baptisms, ordinations and dealings – hold meaning for me in large part because they are a physical manifestation of my faith that the bonds of family and friendship persist beyond mortality. I look forward to a day when mothers and daughters along with father and sons, can participate together in the administration of those ordinances and can work together more fully as partners as we share God’s love by serving those around us.

I believe that women should be ordained.