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I grew up surrounded by family on a farm in Washington State. I attended BYU, married before I graduated, and announced my pregnancy before our first wedding anniversary. I’m passionate about photography, home birth, buying second-hand, localganic food, connecting with people through social media, and providing my children with a childhood as enriching and inspiring as the one my parents gave me.

I was taught that my greatest potential would be realized by having children, and because of this I held myself back from pursuing alternative opportunities in order to hold to the prescription I had pieced together throughout my youth. I’m a woman, and I thought that meant God had set limits for me. Now I have a daughter of my own, and I never want her to think the same way I did. As my children develop an understanding of Heavenly Parents I want them to believe in partnerships in which individuals work towards their fullest potential.

I’m a Mormon, and I believe women should be ordained.