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Hi, I’m Jennifer. I graduated Magna cum Laude from BYU, I live in California but I was born in AZ. I have lived all over the southern U.S. as well.

My family has been involved in the church since before the settlement of Salt Lake.

I’m a swimwear designer, a photographer, artist, interior designer: anything where I get to create beautiful things, that’s what I do.

God gives his power and his light to all of us freely. All we have to do is understand what that power love is; we just need to use it in our lives for all its advantages.

Telling someone they can aspire to higher levels of such understanding or that they might earn ranks in God’s freely given power to me seems to me like a major block or limit on everyone–men and women alike.

I believe that is where human error has blocked Gods true intentions and love.

If women and men were to be taught they can freely have all the love and all the blessings, it would be hard to run an organization which rations out God’s gifts. It would be hard to control people who might otherwise strive to limitless levels of power through God’s love and power.

I think everyone must seek for their God personally: only He can ordain them. Men cannot tell God what to do. God has talked to Priestesses since the Old Testament. God didn’t discriminate. God *doesn’t* discriminate.