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I am a mother, a wife and an operations manager. I have the only Kanban in my unit made with scrapbook paper and embellishments. I find new recipes on Pinterest.  I know the Book of Mormon well. I am a Molly Mormon and I believe the church should ordain women.

I am surrounded by LDS women who wear jeans daily, are politically informed, use mathematics successfully, and do hundreds of activities that were once decried as “unwomanly.” None of them are unfeminine or neglecting their families. I believe that genders do not need to be segregated into strict spheres to fulfill their divine callings.

I have been in many areas where the priesthood callings are sorely understaffed because there is “no one else to call.” These same stakes and wards have been full of older and/or unmarried women who are happy to get a calling passing out hymnbooks.  It seems a shame to see this dedication go to waste because they are the wrong gender.

I do not believe in caving to societal pressure.  But, I do believe in reexamining practices and adopting new ones that will edify and enrich the church.  I believe women should be ordained.