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I’m a Mormon, a mother, a disability advocate, a student, and a child birth educator.

Both my parents are converts to Mormonism and a strong desire for truth runs deep in my bones. From a young age, I was taught to learn as much as I could, to think on new and difficult ideas, and to seek after truths–all important parts of Mormonism. I love the Gospel and the universality of its truths. I have always felt the love of Christ in my life and that love has pushed me to serve my human family. Mormonism has always been my home, even as I have moved many times to new places.  I have served as a Sunday School teacher, a Primary teacher, Young Women’s secretary, and on the ward service committee.

I think women should be ordained because though I never doubted my worth before my Heavenly Parents, the current patriarchal structure of the church has often led me to question my worth as a woman. I ache to see the equality in the church that I feel in my heart when I speak with my Heavenly Parents. I believe our ability to serve and minister to one another should not be limited by our gender. I know so many talented women leaders in the church who would make exceptional Priesthood holders. I believe ordaining women will do much in building the Kingdom of Zion.

I’m a Mormon and I believe women should be ordained.