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I was born and raised a Mormon. I have been an active member of the church my whole life and served a mission in Peru. At BYU, I met and married my wife of almost 10 years. We have three amazing children.

I currently serve in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency in my Branch.

Outside of the church, I work as a computer repair technician. I’m also a writer and, most importantly, a father. I’m still trying to navigate the busy world of work, family life, and personal enjoyment.

I remember vividly watching the LDS film Legacy for the first time when I was a teenager. At one moment in the film, the protagonist says a blessing of healing for a fallen ox. I remember thinking at the time, “Wait, what just happened? That was a woman!” It was uncomfortable, it was confusing. It caused reflection. Then it felt right.

Because, why not?

I believe that mothers have the right to bless their children, like fathers. I believe that a wife has the right to lay her hands on her husband to bless him, as a husband has the right to lay his hands on his wife and bless her. I believe that God listens to men and women and works mighty miracles through all of his children equally.

Years later, I realized that women were already performing priesthood ordinances regularly in sacred places.

My professional life has been enhanced by having capable and empowered women in leadership positions. They have been inspiring, enlightening, and encouraging, and have provided me with opportunities and experiences that have made me a better person. Women in leadership have greatly enriched my professional life.

I have no reservations allowing women the same role in my religious life.

I believe that our wards and branches will become places of spirituality and faith.

I believe that we can have success in building up the kingdom of God like we have never before imagined.

I believe that unit leadership will be more productive and versatile, meeting the needs of the women and the men better than ever.

I believe that more wounds will be healed, more hearts will be touched, more converts will be reached, and more people will be brought closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I believe women should be ordained.